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Fashion accessories are acquired for many reasons and these items normally used to complement the whole outfit. They include colourful range of bags and purses, ties, belts, shawls, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bangles, caps, hats, footwear, fashion eyewear and watches. However, the main purpose for having accessories is to wear it.


The main damage to these products normally comes from wearing and handling. Fashion accessories are mainly made of Rhodium with (14k or 18k gold or silver plated),Copper and mixture of Alloy and therefore they required good care and maintenance. With good handling, a piece of fashion accessories can be wore for at least 3 - 5 years. 


Chemicals such as body lotions, soap and detergents will damage the surface of the accessories causing the plate to deteriorate or fade off so it is best to wipe dry the accessories daily before storage by using jewellery cloth. Accessories should also be stored away from moisture and dust in a pouch or sealed bags to prevent oxidization on the plate.


When choosing accessories, it is advisable to choose items that are made of white gold or gold plating as they do not tarnish easily. La Trendz’s products are mainly made of Rhodium with 14k or 18k gold or silver plated. Therefore with good care, the accessories are able to last for a few years.


La Trendz’s accessories and jewelleries use high quality crystals such as Cubic Zirconia cystal, Swarovski crystal and beads. These are embedded onto the bracelets, necklaces or rings and they are created into innovative and fascinating fashion accessory designs.




Our Services


La Trendz provides repair service for all items purchased from our retail outlets for free.

Repairs policy only applicable for embedding dropped crystals.

For more information on our repair service, please email to or simply bring back your purchases to our outlets within 1st month with your original receipt.


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